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Affiliate Program
Affiliate Program
The Program
What is it?
This program is your way of showing your love for Utopia VR while making money in the process! As an affiliate, you share the link made available to you in the Share Utopia VR tab or from within your Affiliate Dashboard and earn a piece of the profit from each sale!
How much do I make?
We offer a two tier affiliate program, which allows you to make a 10% commission on both your referrals and the sales your referral makes!
Let’s walk through a scenario to explain this below:

  • Customer 1 subscribes to UtopiaVR
  • Customer 1 refers customer 2 and 3 who both subscribe
  • Customer 2 doesn’t refer any additional users
  • Customer 3 refers customer 4, 5, 6 and 7 who all subscribe
  • Customer 4 refers customer 8
  • Customer 5, 6, and 7 refer no one
Who is getting paid what?
  • Customer 1 receives a 10% commission for the subscriptions of: customers 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7
  • Customer 2 does not receive any commission
  • Customer 3 receives a 10% commission for the subscriptions of: customers 4, 5, 6, 7, 8
  • Customer 4 receives a 10% commission for the subscriptions of: customers 8
When will I get paid?
Once you make over $75 in commission you get paid out monthly via a PayPal deposit.

Affiliate Dashboard
The Affiliate Dashboard is your hub to learn more about your commission.
You are routed to this section immediately upon clicking ‘Affiliate Dashboard’, where you have quick access to your affiliate link. This link will route individuals to our website’s home page where they would need to create an account and subscribe for you to earn commissions (for every conversion you or your referrals make, you receive 10%). You also can create a custom link that will route individuals to an area of our website of your choosing.
In this section, there are two graphs and a table. The blue graph shows how many times your link is being clicked and the red graph shows how many conversions you’ve successfully made with your link. In the top right corner of the graphs, there is a drop down link available to adjust the date range you would like to see:
To the left of the graphs, you have a table available to you to break down the summary during the time period selected:

  • Clicks: this is how many times your link has been clicked
  • Conversions: this is how many times someone has subscribed due to you sharing your link
  • Revenue: this is how much you have been paid
  • Commission Rate: this is the percentage you make on a conversion, this rate is the same for both your direct sales and your referrals sales
  • Commissions: how much you have made so far on your conversions
  • Earns Per Click (EPC): this is how much commission you are making per click, the higher the subscription price the higher this number will be
This area is where you can adjust your personal details such as your name/address.
Once you start earning commission, this area will provide you with a breakdown of your commission payments.
All individuals who have created an account with your link are listed here/available for download. It also shows their sales which you earn 10% commission on.