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Get Started With My Account
Get Started With My Account

In this area, you are able to create virtual rooms that you can join or use to create meetups. Upon first login, you will not have any created VRooms, you’ll have to create one first. These are separate from meetups, and can be joined at any time unless the room has been closed.


When you create a VRoom, you can create meetups. Meetups expire after 24 hours, but any created rooms will be in My VRooms.

Share Utopia VR
In this section, you are provided with a custom link that can be shared with people you know to earn commission (more info below).

Affiliate Dashboard
Once you sign up for an account, you are registered to our affiliate program. This is a program available to help you bring in commission just for sharing a link to others! You can go to our Affiliate Program article to learn more.

Edit Profile

This section allows you to update your name, your email address and your password.


Once subscribed to a paid plan, you will find all your subscription details here. You can learn more about our plans and pricing in our Subscription Plans article.