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In-Room Issues
In-room Issues
Screen Sharing/Webcam Issues
Similar to mic issues, if you can’t get screen sharing or the webcam to work, first ensure that any required peripherals (webcam) are plugged in. Ensure they have the right permissions to run in your browser (typically to the left of the address bar). If it is still not working, you may need to look in the privacy and security settings on your computer to ensure that permissions are not being blocked. If it still does not work, try in another browser. VRooms works best in Firefox and Chrome, but it also runs on Edge and desktop Safari.
Disappearing Objects
By design, any objects you create in a room will disappear when you leave. This prevents the room from becoming cluttered and slow as things are left behind. If you do want an object to stay in the room, open the object’s controls (hover your cursor over it and press the spacebar on the desktop), and select “pin”. A pinned object will stay in the room until it is unpinned or deleted.
Utopia VR Avatar Creator
If you do not have a Ready Player Me account, or prefer to use our in house options, you can move forward with creating your avatar using our builder. To start, you would need to decide whether you would like a feminine or masculine as your base and if you wish to upload an image or use one of our bases.
Broken Images
If you try to import an object and it loads as a broken link, it could be an unsupported file format, or the file might be too large. VRooms supports file uploads up to 150MB.

Additionally, some older systems have trouble rendering 2D objects in the scene. If you suspect this is happening, try reloading the page with the following flag at the end of the URL: ?disablebatching.