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Interact With Others
Interact With Others
Let’s start with the basics, how do you speak to others?
You can click the Voice button to unmute/mute your microphone in order to speak with others.
Clicking Chat opens up a sidebar with the ability to chat among individuals in the room and in the waiting room.
If you select Chat from the main menu, you are only able to communicate with everyone in the room, however if you click People first, you have the ability to hover over a room member’s name and chat with them directly.
What are some more advanced ways to communicate?
Clicking the button shown below will provide you with 7 emoji options to choose from and the ability to raise your hand. If an emoji is selected, the animated image will appear in the room near you for others to see for a short period of time. If raise hand is selected, this will stay above your avatar’s head until you select ‘lower hand’.
Share will provide you the ability to share your camera or your screen. If you share your camera, your webcam will appear in the room for others to see. If you select ‘Screen’ on desktop, it does provide you with three options: entire screen, a specific window or tab. Once you’ve made your selections, it will appear in the room for other individuals to see.
For both of these options, the view is quite small so users are able to click the Objects button. This will show all objects in the room, and hovering over them will provide a more focused view.
On the desktop, clicking the invite button will provide you with a link that you can copy and send to others to join your room. On mobile devices, the invite button is found in the More Menu in the bottom right corner.