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Join A VRoom
Join A VRoom
When you click a link to a VRoom, or click ‘Join Meetup’ in your account, you enter into the rooms lobby.
You can stay here, view in ‘Spectate’ or ‘Join Room’. If you stay here, you can hear the other individuals in the room but you can only interact with the others using chat.
If you select ‘Spectate’, the main menu disappears and will enter you into the room in a viewing mode that interacts with the host’s Streamer Mode (find out more in Host A Meetup).
If you join the room, you are prompted to change your name and avatar. There is an option to choose from any available avatars or create an avatar. If you use the avatar builder, you can use a base by uploading a photo of yourself or continue without a photo and create an avatar from a set of templates. Once a template is selected, you can go through all the options provided to fully customize your avatar. You are also able to skip this entirely and adjust your avatar or name any time in the More Menu upon joining.
After you have completed or skipped this step, you will go through the setup for your microphone and speakers.